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What is the difference between a standard wall
and a Pressurized Walls?

A pressurized wall is a temporary wall. It looks and acts just like a standard wall and will function in an identical way, yet it can be installed and removed without causing any damage to the existing structure. Because no nails, screws or rods are mounted into the existing building, many landlords and building managers allow for the installation of pressurized walls. The removal process is quick and easy and can be accomplished when the tenant no longer requires the use of the wall.


What does a
Pressurized Wall look like?

A pressurized wall looks exactly like a regular wall! You would be hard-pressed to guess which wall was which if you saw a pressurized wall alongside a standard one.


When I want to remove my wall, how far in advance
do I need to contact the company?

Standard practice among wall installation companies is at least 30 days prior to the date you desire. Of course, it can never hurt to let them know sooner, but 30 days should be plenty of time to book your removal. Should you require a shorter time frame, many companies will be flexible in trying to accommodate your needs, but a rush fee may be applied.


What the wall muffle noise
from the next room?

Pressurized walls are typically relatively soundproof, in the same way that a standard wall will block some noise from the next room, but not particularly loud sounds. To achieve maximum soundproofing for your wall, request a soundproofing option from your installation company.

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My room is not a standard shape
Can my wall be custom made to fit?

While certain companies work with pre-fabricated designs that would not allow for a custom fit, all of the companies whose quotes we will provide for you are top quality, experienced builders who personalize every wall they install for each and every client. These superior builders can accommodate any shape, height or ceiling structure.


Can I hang things from my
Pressurized Walls?

A standard pressurized wall can hold up to 30 lbs of weight. This includes picture frames, hooks and light items such as shoe racks. For a heavier object, such as a TV, hanging is often allowable, but requires additional support and should be done by an expert.

What color is a pressurized wall?

Typically, a basic pressurized wall will be white, but they can be painted any color of your choice, just like a regular wall.

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