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What are
Pressurized Walls?

A pressurized wall is a temporary wall that is installed by the use of a sophisticated instatement method that ensures a secure and solid connection while inflicting no damage on the existing structure. A pressurized wall will look, feel and act the same as a pre-existing wall, but can be installed or removed quickly and easily. Pressurized walls NYC are commonly used in apartment buildings, office buildings and retail locations where the necessity often arises for a temporary additional wall that will in no way permanently affect the structure of the building.

These walls can be equipped with door frames, doors, windows, closets, as well as many other options. Soundproofing is often available to maintain privacy between newly created rooms.


How it Works?

Step One. Measure the length and height of desired wall space. A general estimate is fine, but the more accurate the measurement, the more accurate the quote will be.

Step Two. Fill in your name, contact information and measurements below, along with any additional details you are looking for in your wall (French doors, window, etc.).

Step Three. Press submit. That’s it!

Now sit back and relax as we generate a list of quotes for you from local, competitive pressurized wall companies. Happy building!


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